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Roadhog's ultimate can deal extreme damage at point-blank range but is also very hard to aim due to the spread. It is... On top of that, Roadhog's movement speed is significantly reduced, making an easy target for snipers. To get the best effect with Whole Hog, try pairing it with Chain Hook,. Damage: 45 - 150 per shot. Falloff Range: 11 - 20 m. Ammo: 5. Reload time: 2 seconds. Projectiles: 25 fragments (1.6-6 dmg) per shot. Fire Rate: 1.3 shots per second. Projectile Speed: 57 m/s. Can headshot. Has damage falloff Roadhog is an unorthodox tank who focuses on trying to make the enemy team less of a problem either by using his Chain Hook to easily eliminate someone, or using Whole Hog to knock back the enemy team. Roadhog has the highest base health in the game, with 600, only being behind Winston during Primal Rage, which is 1000 Roadhog's auto attack deals up to 150 damage, but has a huge spread. It functions as a shotgun and, as such, has a huge amount of dropoff from distance. There are 5 shots in the Scrap Gun and they can be used as a primary or alternate fire. The recent increase to the ammo capacity of the gun has also reduced the reload time to 1.5 seconds Roadhog's Scrap Gun fires 25 total pellets per shot that spreads out the further it is shot, plus has fall-off distance damage. This is mainly used for short range attacks. If every pellet connects it will do up to 225 points of damage, which can one shot kill many squishy heroes in Overwatch

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However, if Roadhog misses his Chain Hook, Tracer can use him as a farm for ultimate charge, as his hitbox is massive and he may not be able to do much against an unstunned Tracer. Tracer will still struggle to kill Roadhog 1v1 due to his methods of damage reduction and often sees her Pulse Bomb wasted on him as a result Honestly, Roadhog's normal kit when not ulting is way more effective for damage than his ult in most situations. Take note that there's really no point in using this off the objective or as a desperation ult. It doesn't do nearly enough damage and you're more likely to die than to kill anyone

Overwatch's Roadhog might be listed as a tank, but he's best used as a tank killer. His self-heal makes him independent and easily able to handle fights outnumbered, and his Chain Hook ability will have everyone rethinking how close to you they should get. Against all other tanks, Roadhog's high-burst damage is a big threat. Roadhog Abilitie Roadhog was a massive part of the meta: being able to bust tanks with his high damage was essential to overthrow the huge health pool that every team employed. Often, he wasn't played as a true tank but as a DPS: many top Hogs made their name during this time, and several DPS players had to flex to Hog to adapt to the meta (Taimou for example) Roadhog ist einer der Tanks im Spiel Overwatch. 1 Geschichte 2 Fähigkeiten 3 Ingame Extras 3.1 Skins 3.2 Emotes 3.3 Siegerposen 3.4 Sprüche 3.5 Intros 4 Trivia 5 Medien 5.1 Videos 5.2 Bilder 6 Einzelnachweise Roadhog ist ein gnadenloser Killer, der für seine Grausamkeit und seinen Spaß a

The ultimate can be interrupted up until the slam. No fall damage would be inflicted to lifted targets. If enemies escape the suspension, such as with Fortify or Cryo-Freeze, they fall down and no damage is inflicted. The slam deals 50% of the maximum HP, which is increased by temporary HP gained from abilities such as Rally If you use this ability while holding down the left mouse button, Roadhog will shoot out shrapnel in a spread. This is great if you want to do some short-range damage. On the other hand, using the right mouse button lets Roadhog throw out a shrapnel ball which explodes Our Overwatch Roadhog guide contains ability and strategy tips, counter advice, and everything else you need for mastering this mighty tank. It is not really an exaggeration to say that subtlety on the battlefield isn't one of Roadhog's biggest strengths Roadhog's ultimate actually does a large ammount of damage (4928 to be exact!), the problem is that it has a high spread so when knocking the enemy back it can be difficult to get any damage on. For this reason try to use it when the enemy are grouped into a corridor with a wall behind them, combo this with an Ana ult and you will do devastating damage to the entire enemy team The hook damages enemies for 30 points and pulls them in close range of Roadhog's scrap gun, allowing him to insta-kill that hero. Roadhog also has a powerful ultimate in Whole Hog. When Roadhog uses this channeled ability, his scrap gun turns into a machine gun that does massive damage and pushes enemy heroes away from him

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Since Roadhog is a common pick on maps with environmental hazards, his quick charging ult can also be used to throw enemies off the map. Outside of that, Roadhog's ultimate is a fantastic way to clear a point during overtime and it does no small amount of damage. Sigm His ultimate is both powerful and annoying for your enemies. The turrets do high damage, and while Roadhog has his hook out, he can't really move, making him easy pickings Sombra is a Damage hero in Overwatch. 1 Overview 2 Abilities 3 Strategy 3.1 Weapons & Abilities 3.2 General strategies 4 Match-Ups and Team Synergy 4.1 Tank 4.2 Damage 4.3 Support 5 Story 5.1 Background 5.2 What You Left Behind 5.3 Dethroning the King Viper 5.4 Attack on Volskaya 5.5 Reflections 5.6 The Hero of Numbani 5.7 Searching 6 In-Universe References 7 Achievements 8 Alternate Reality. Roadhog uses his signature Chain Hook to pull his enemies close before shredding them with blasts from his Scrap Gun. He's hardy enough to withstand tremendous damage, and can recover his health with a short breather Junkrat is a Damage hero in Overwatch. 1 Overview 2 Abilities 3 Strategy 3.1 Weapons & Abilities 3.2 General Strategies 4 Match-Ups and Team Synergy 4.1 Tank 4.2 Damage 4.3 Support 5 Story 5.1 Background 5.2 Wasted Land 5.3 On the Road 5.3.1 Going Legit 5.4 Return to Junkertown 6 Achievements 7 Trivia 7.1 Merchandise 7.2 Development 8 Videos 8.1 Official 8.2 Curse 9 Balance Change Logs 10.

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Ana's ultimate applies a 50% damage boost and 50% damage resistance to a target, typically given to Roadhog players to sustain longer in the front line and focus down the opposing Roadhog first. Due to Roadhog's large health pool, limited shields, and continuous poke damage, it's to be expected that Ana players will have Nano Boost almost every fight Damage characters are often doing the most damage and help the team with the majority of kills. Tank characters can absorb large amounts of damage for the team, and support characters share healing abilities and similar status effects for the team or against enemies

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A damage boosted PTR Roadhog would therefore deal 210 * 1.3 = 273, a mere 4.2% less damage. The mini-combo (no melee attack), deals 255 damage on Live and 180 on PTR (234 with damage boost), resulting in an 8.2% damage nerf when compensating with a damage boost. Finally, Nanoboost's 50% damage buff does give PTR Roadhog the same damage per shot. Although the Whole Hog can cause severe damage to the enemy lines, distorting their positions, it must be used cautiously, as pushing an enemy away from a friendly ultimate will bring no good to the team. There is nothing more important in Overwatch than the teams' synergy, as Roadhog will not be able to guide the team alone

Please just either lock him from Ranked mode or just nerf his Riptire to never again one-shot anyone. He can spam random grenades and charge his ultimate so fast there's a Riptire flying around 3 times before anyother hero can charge his ultimate. Make his ultimate do % damage instead of set number. This way it will never kill anyone just do tons of damage. Nerf him, he's already getting. Roadhog can mitigate a portion of the damage with Take a Breather, which grants healing and a 50% damage reduction, but it isn't enough to survive against him. Generally, Reaper will defeat Roadhog in the great majority of the duels. Thanks to Roadhog's huge body and hitbox, Reaper can easily shoot him while also avoiding his attacks Roadhog Tactics and Strategies. All of Roadhog's abilities are only useful at closer ranges, within 20 meters or less. The medium range cannon fire can do damage outside of 20 meters, but it is minor. This makes Roadhog a very simple hero to understand and play as he is the up close and personal tank who imposes himself upon enemies Damage Vulnerabilities Damage Resistances Damage Immunities Condition Immunities Senses Languages English Challenge One-Hit Finisher. If Roadhog has pulled a creature to him Whole Hog (Ultimate 110). Roadhog slams a crank into his scrap gun, converting it into an automatic, shrapnel-spraying, death dealer

Roadhog Tactics and Strategies. All of Roadhog's abilities are only useful at closer ranges, within 20 meters or less. The medium range cannon fire can do damage outside of 20 meters, but it is minor. This makes Roadhog a very simple hero to understand and play as he is the up close and personal tank who imposes himself upon enemies Our third ability was similar to the last, but instead it was a buddy system of sorts. Roadhog would be able to mark an ally and as long as they're within line of sight Roadhog would give them (not including Roadhog) Ult Charge whenever he takes damage, around 10% to 15% for 600 damage Roadhog's ammo is also refilled upon completion of the ultimate. The total damage of Whole Hog can be up to 4928 if all shots are hit. Regardless of whether it's an enemy, allied or player-controlled Roadhog, Roadhog will do a little grunting when stuffing his gun and then laugh over the duration of the ability For Overwatch on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Roadhog's ultimate is total crap

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Roadhog was a lot of things to a lot of people. A friend, a brother, perhaps even a lover. Also, a one-man apocalypse. He really doesn't want you to forget that. We can all agree, though, that. Roadhog Tips (PS4) Console. So Ive poked the game Overwatched before and thought it was neat but had other games to play and no room. I'm getting back into my FPS' and redownloaded it and I want to avidly main Roadhog. Get to brass tacks; I would like some tips on playing the game and tips on playing Roadhog, please The massive swirl of ghostly dragon may look cool and intimidating, and it can do a heap of damage if it happens to land.Unfortunately, the trick is getting it to find its mark, which isn't particularly easy. Between Hanzo basically warning foes with his battle cry before unleashing it, and the fact that it goes in a slow, straight trajectory, it's quite easy to dodge Roadhog as tank rework. Tank. So Roadhog isn't a tank, but I think he could make a very interesting off one, keep in mind numbers can always be changed and I'll edit if there are changes that I need to make. Hero Name: Roadhog. Real Name: Mako Rutledge. Age: 48 1 Spawning 1.1 First Spawn 1.2 Mid-game Swap 1.3 Respawning 1.4 Enemy Mercy Resurrect 2 Using Abilities 2.1 Chain Hook 2.2 Whole Hog 3 On Fire 4 Kills 4.1 Killing Bastion, Orisa or Zenyatta 4.2 Killing Junkrat 4.3 Watching Junkrat get a kill 4.4 Watching Junkrat die 4.5 Killing Reaper or Soldier: 76 5 Gameplay 5.1 Taking the Point 5.2 Defending the Point 5.3 Escorting the payload 5.4 When the.

1 Roadhog 1.1 Tips 2 Abilities 3 Strength 4 Weakness 5 Goodmatchups 6 Badmatchups 7 Strategies 8 Video After the the Omnic Crisis, government officials gifted theAustralian omniumand the surrounding area to the omnicsthat had nearly destroyed their country, hoping to establish a long-term peace accord. This arrangement permanently displaced Mako Rutledgeand a large number of the Outback's. Roadhog's ultimate inputs a lot of damage, even from afar, and can push enemies backwards. This makes it a great damage and zoning ult. While he's not in the meta right now, he can be devastating.

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30 damage; Cannot headshot; Ultimate Ability: Whole Hog. 4928 damage; Can headshot; Counters. Reaper - he deals a lot of damage quickly and roadhog has a big hit box; Bastion - if he is in sentry, he can mow down roadhog; Honourable mentions. Mei - she can freeze him and headshot, her extra slither of life makes it harder for roadhog to. Roadhog was playable since 24 May 2016 and it was deadly.It was one of the best heroes to use but he was nerfed just after two months (July 19th, 2016).. Now his Ultimate ability: Whole Hog costs 45% more. That was a drastic change and a major blow to Roadhog fans Roadhog Guide (PTR Changes Included) Close. 91. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. Roadhog Guide (PTR Changes Included) Hello! As part of WaWa's Boot Camp's. In 12 Hooks 1 Hole: When Pigs Fly!, Roadhog has been given a brand new ultimate that is used for recovery. Just when Roadhog is about to fall into the pit, he can use the ultimate to save himself. While this is nice, Roadhog can only get an ultimate charge when he gets at least one kill Roadhog's Scrap Gun fires short-range blasts of shrapnel with a wide spread. Type- Shotgun Projectile. Damage- 150 per shot, 1.33-6 per pellet(25 pellets per shot) Projectile Speed- 57 meters per second. Rate of Fire- 1.3 shots per second. Ammo-5. Reloading Time- 1.5 seconds. Headshots

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Damage: 30 Max range: 20 meters Cooldown: 6 seconds Headshot: Can't. Whole Hog (Default use key: Q) Whole Hog is Roadhog's ultimate ability. It's one of the most interesting abilities in the game but it's also hard to comprehend in terms of proper usage. It transforms Roadhog's primary weapon into shrapnel breathing minigun The Sweet Bot aimed its gatling gun at Roadhog and began firing. Roadhog took the damage, but before he could take anymore, he threw the hook at the gun. It latched on and he began to pull. Hey! What the fuck are you doing!? Roadhog pulled with all of his might until the gatling gun was ripped off the Sweet Bot. Sweet Tooth roared in anger Roadhog's Ultimate is better used for zone control. The pellets it fires are too spread out to do a lot of damage, but each hit pushes the enemy further and further away

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Remember that all the health you recover with Take A Breather is damage the opposing team has already converted into Ultimate Charge. Roadhog's Ultimate is also fairly situational, so be ready to. Roadhog has received changes to his weapon fire and ultimate to make his attacks more reliable. His scrapgun has received a spread pattern adjustment and the spread randomisation of his weapon has been reduced by 50%. His ultimate ability now has an increased knockback velocity, pushing targets back at 10 meters per second rather than eight Roadhog's Scrap Gun has its ammo reduced from 6 to 5. The Scrap Gun's damage per projectile has been increased from 6 to 7. The recovery from shots has been increased from 0.7 seconds to 0.85..

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Roadhog has become a frequent pick in the meta and Blizzard is trying to water down his impact against tankier targets. The projectile damage on his Scrap Gun dropped to six points per pellet. With the recent nerf to his damage, Roadhog no longer possesses the ability to one shot enemy heroes after hooking them. In addition, he's unable to reliably hook targets as well because enemies can escape by breaking line of sight. As such, Roadhog has become nothing more than an ultimate charge battery for the enemy team Roadhog = Leatherface (Roadhog's ultimate deals no damage beyond 5 meters) Genji = Myers (hold M2 to stare at survivors and gain ult charge) Moira = Ghostface (can only stalk while invisible. Survivors can reveal Ghostface by looking at him) Sigma = Wraith (Kinetic Grasp toggles invisibility. Can't deal damage while invisible Roadhog doesn't directly offer much to his teammates. As an off-tank, his best complement is Orisa because he can churn out damage from behind her shield. A Halt and Chain Hook combo can be lethal if you do it right! Even without a combo in mind, his Chain Hook can draw enemies close to be picked off by your offense


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  1. Zarya's ultimate is a gravity bomb that pulls in and traps any nearby enemies. If this is well placed, and combined with literally any hero ultimate that has an emphasis on damage, then you're golden
  2. All of the heroes have 400hp except for Reinhardt (500hp) and to balance the ultimates you will start at a certain ultimate charge depending on the strenght of the ultimate, some of the ability cooldowns and effects have also been modified a bit. You can find everything that has been modified from the tables at the end
  3. Roadhog's buff stretches across all but his healing ability and provides more accurate shots, better damage, and faster abilities. Mercy saw changes as well as the cost of her ultimate was reduced by 15% while the healing per second increased from 50 to 60 during her ultimate
  4. Roadhog (Whole Hog+) - Ultimate damage briefly stuns enemy, roots them for 30 seconds. Sigma (Kinetic Grasp+) - Kinetic Grasp pulls enemies within view angle and holds them in front of Sigma for the duration of the ability
  5. Orisa and Roadhog compliment each other in several important ways. Orisa's shield is probably the best barrier in the game. When combined with Roadhog's self-healing and high burst damage weapons, this tank combination becomes very difficult to unseat from a position once they are bunkered down
  6. The new roadhog buffs are pretty good. They make him actually viable in being someone that can deal a lot of damage and do a lot of things in game

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  1. es, and more. Learn Junkrat's stats at Overwatch Guide
  2. Ana's ultimate is good to use at any point in the fight. 6. Moira. With Moira's ultimate, DO NOT GO FOR DAMAGE! Make sure to prioritize healing with Moira's ultimate. Use Moira's ultimate with your teammates because it should be used for healing. Try to throw an orb before activating your ultimate as well
  3. Whole Hog - Roadhog's Ultimate ability pushes enemies away quickly, while also dealing high damage. However, the damage falls off rapidly with increased range. If you are looking for kills with the ultimate, be sure to use it in an area where you can pin enemies to a wall or other terrain
  4. Roadhog's ultimate is a multifunction tool that seems simple just like the rest of his kit, but shouldn't be underestimated. It also charges very quickly, especially if you are landing hooks. It sees Roadhog add a huge ammo drum to the top of the Scrap Gun and begin firing at full-auto, knocking enemies backwards and dealing significant damage to nearby enemies in a cone-AOE
  5. Overwatch Roadhog Strategy Guide By: Hypocritical Midget. the first few seconds of nanoboost will be wasted as your main tank wouldn?t be close enough to make the use of the 50% damage increase or reduction; An ultimate such as Coalescence would be of higher value as the piercing effect can be used at a decent range regardless of where your.
  6. Roadhog's Whole Hog Nano Boosted allows him to be at ease knowing he will be able to get more use out of his ultimate and less chance of death since he cannot cancel his ultimate while in use. Whole Hog does not do a ton of damage normally, but with Nano Boost, Whole Hog becomes more viable as a damage dealer as well
  7. For Overwatch on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Fixing Roadhog

Roadhog was a lot of things to a lot of people. Blizzard reduced his bullet damage by 33 per cent, or some other high-value target — you were the ultimate hunter Roadhog is one of the highest damage dealing tanks in the game, while also having some of the most lastability. This is due to his large healthpool of 600hp, and his 300hp self recovery ability, the downside to this though, is his susceptibility to be used as an ultimate battery by the opposing team, since ultimate is charged by damage dealt While Roadhog could one-shot targets freely in the past, Blizzard stepped in and nerfed his damage. Currently, a hook, fire, and melee combo does up to 210 damage without headshots

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The default is a perfect 1:1 ratio where you gain ultimate charge exactly equal to the amount of damage and/or healing you do. If Moira is using her damaging Biotic Grasp, she is dealing with 50 damage per second, healing herself 20 health per second, and gaining a total of 70 ult charges per second On the damage side, McCree and Echo server as a dangerous 1-2 punch. Echo on the off-angle creates a ton of pressure onto the opposing back line. Meanwhile McCree and Ashe can stop enemy flankers in their own right, as well as threaten to eliminate an exposed tank rather quickly. Then, of course, Brigitte and Baptise anchor down the backline Finally, her ultimate is the Pulse Bomb, which is essentially a sticky grenade with a massive damage count and relatively low area of effect. Roadhog's ultimate is absolutely devastating,. He mumbled loudly, before Roadhog threw his hook at the Pyro. As it did, the Pyro quickly airblasted it, as it hit Roadhog, cutting right into his stomach, as he yelled in pain. As this happened, he was nearly full with his ultimate, and firing a ball of scrap at the Pyro, as it exploded, knocking him away, before his ultimate was ready

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  1. ROADHOG TIME! Time for this pig to shine as he is my favorite character in the game. \^o^/ I will provide some of my comments for some things here and there marked with a :pig2:
  2. If the opposition has a Roadhog and a solid shield in the tank fields, regardless of the DPS on offer, your primary target is going to be that Roadhog. They are going to absolutely carry that team, because they are going to eat most of the damage that would have otherwise go into destroying shields, thus building his Ultimate, which is fed by his self-healing
  3. Overwatch Guide has all the hero stats, damage, and info you need to up your Overwatch game! Find out hero counters, synergies, and more

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Roadhog: Since D.va's mech has a large hitbox, Roadhog's Scrap Gun happens to be very powerful against her. Roadhog's Chain Hook will also give D.va a hard time as it only makes it easier for Roadhog to dish out more damage to her close up CRAZY Roadhog Hooks MOMENTS | Overwatch Roadhog Hook, Funny and Best Moments - Duration: Ultimates Damage and Range [Overwatch] - Duration: 4:27. CryBox7 1,642,285 views

5 Overwatch Characters That Make the Most Sense for SmashOverwatch Headshot Hitbox Guide | GuideScroll

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  1. The team is toying with giving all damage heroes a boost I'm a little more comfortable with the idea of tank heroes providing attackers with less ultimate charge. Roadhog in particular is.
  2. For example, if Roadhog is honestly capable of doing 450 damage in a single hit, then that does weigh it heavily in his favor. Instead of drinking health juice like I normally see them do when I pop Defense Matrix, they should just be patient and fire a second bullet or two as soon as the Matrix pops off
  3. Roadhog: Orb of Discord is a great anti-tank debuff. Zenyatta's Ultimate is great at negating Roadhog's damage over time Ultimate. Winston: Orb of Discord is a great anti-tank debuff. Reinhardt: Orb of Discord is a great anti-tank debuff. Pharah: Zenyatta's Ultimate is great at negating Pharah's DoT & AoE based Ultimate
  4. The off-tanks in Overwatch are D.Va, Zarya, Sigma, and Roadhog. This can be combined with any number of other ultimate abilities or high damage abilities to quickly wipe out entire enemy teams

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Damage comparison between all heroes in Overwatch. These are some of my own takeaways: - Bastion's Sentry mode does the most DPS if all shots hit (/s) - Bast.. Roadhog. Roadhog's Gatling Gun Ultimate is powerful, and you should most definitely get out of the way as quickly as possible as soon as you hear him murmur this quote, or when you hear the constant barrage of bullets firing (it's a very distinctive sound)

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  1. 10 Good: Roadhog Roadhog is an off-tank that can work with almost any team in the competitive ladder due to his ability to disrupt enemy teams, secure kills, and heal himself. Additionally, his self-sustain can allow him to jump in front of teammates to block damage in a pinch or when a friendly barrier is destroyed
  2. For Overwatch on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Roadhog is still good. The people complaining never played him right to start - Page 2
  3. New Tier 2 enemy: Symmetra - Fast and tiny, high damage and low health; New Mutator: Partners In Crime - Duplicates of enemy heroes scale in damage (+10% damage per duplicate hero) Replaced Lifesteal perk with Nimble: When not in Line Of Sight of any enemies, gain regeneration and a speed boos

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New damage hero Echo comes Overwatch's PTR on March 19, and is very likely to be the last new hero until Overwatch 2, game director Jeff Kaplan says. Here's a preview of Echo's abilities. 15 Roadhog. One of the highest damage tanks, This is great for getting out of situations or when trying to win 1 vs 1 battles against enemy damage heroes. His Molten Core ultimate basically coats a surface with high damage lava, and can ward off the enemy from the point in a blink of an eye His ultimate lets him spew damage out at an extraordinary rate, each hit also pushing back enemies. If it wasn't for the chain hook, I'd be a little off on Roadhog. But it's there and can be.

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